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    Alimony: January 2023 updated payable amount
    The CPI rose by 5.7% between December 2021 and 2022.  This means that in January 2023 alimony payments should increase proportionately.
    Nomad visa or residence permit for digital nomads
    As for digital nomads – remote workers – Act 28/2022 of 21st December allows them to enter and remain in Spain for financial reasons if they can prove that they are international teleworkers.  This means that those who are not citizens of an EU country – those who are enjoy freedom of movement – can apply for a 3-year residence permit (which can be extended for a further 2 years) if they meet the requirements and with the added bonus of a resolution period of only 20 working days.

Agote diez abogados

Agote Diez Abogados is a law firm founded by Elena Agote Diez in 1993. Its offices are in Portals Nous, Mallorca (Spain), and its working model is based on personalised advice for each client.

Our years of experience combined with continuous professional training mean our staff at Agote Diez Abogados propose innovative, effective, comprehensive and individualised legal solutions to the problems and issues raised by our clients.

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