Our professionals specialising in this area resolve interpersonal conflicts, both judicially and extrajudicially, and seek an integrated response to the problem posed. They solve issues arising from inheritances, contracts, problems between neighbours and rent or mortgages signed with the bank. Additionally they advise on the drafting of wills under Balearic, common or European law and their regulations.

Where we act

  • Declarative, executive and special processes
  • Successions, inheritances and testaments
  • Donations
  • Contracts
  • Urban leases
  • Horizontal property
  • Communities of Owners
  • Pursuing unpaid amounts
  • Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability
  • Property right protection: recovery, possession, easements
  • Banking Law: e.g. mortgage floor rates, preferential shares, swaps and ‘abusive clauses’

Specialist lawyers

Elena Agote Diez
Marta Mugica Agote