Dear customers,

Due to the actual alarm status stem from the Covid-19 spread, this office will not be open to public. We will respond any telephone call – to +34 971 67 50 72 – Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm. All emails will be responded.

Additionally, we would like to remind our clients, The Spanish Board has approved a general measure to maximise restricted movement by citizens. Citizens are only allowed to leave their homes, individually (unless accompanying a disabled person or for another justified reason), in the following situations, both on foot and by car:

  1. to buy food or other primary necessities, or to get prescription meds from the farmacia
  2. to visit medical facilities in case of urgency
  3. to go to your workplace or to carry out labour, professional or company duties
  4. to return to your habitual home
  5. to take care of children or other dependant family members or to assist elderly or disabled people
  6. to visit banking or insurance institutions
  7. for reasons of overwhelming force or situation of necessity
  8. for any other activity of an analogous nature duly justified
  9. to walk your pet
  10. to fill your vehicle up with fuel