Since the 1st of January, UK citizens can only expend 90 days every 180 days in the EU. The 90 days restrictions starts every time the UK citizen enters the EU. Within every entry the person have 90 days, but it should be taken in consideration the previous visits to not exceed the 90 days within 180 days. As an example:

  • Entry 1st January until 28th February = 59 days in Spain
  • Entry 1st April until 1st May = 31 days in Spain    ** the UK citizen cannot enter the UE until 1st July as from 1st January that person has already expend 90 days within a UE country.
  • Entry 1st July – the UK citizen can only be in the UE for 59 more days, as from 1st April the citizen has already expend 31 days.

There is a Golden Visa for third countries citizens to obtain residency in Spain by the investment of €500.000 or more in real estate.

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